For us service is not just an empty promise!

Mandiri Anugerah Abadi, Pt. stands for technological leadership in the field of mechanical surface finishing and surface preparation. But that’s only half the story: We also provide expert technical support throughout the service life of your equipment. The following applies not only to complex mass finishing and shot blasting systems: "The after sale phase is as important as the pre-sale phase!".

Installation and Maintenance

Machine installations and maintenance are performed by our team of highly skilled and experienced service engineers.

Surface Finishing

• Vibratory Process
• Shot Blasting Process

Vibratory Process

• Surface Finishing

Radiussing - Cleaning - Degreasing - Descaling - Corossion Protection - Debburing - Rough Grinding - Smooting - Polishing - Rust Removal - Ball Burnishing - Pressure Deburring.

• Debburing

Shot Blasting

• Sand Blast
• Air Blast

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